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  1. Duane Elder says:

    If you ever want an example of work ethic and dedication look no further than Andrew Hunter. His resume speaks for himself but seeing the growth from a centre who played like Chris Webber Fab 5 days to a wing player who shoots 3s and handles the ball as a pro player or from a professional basketball player to a suit fulfilling his dreams is amazing on both fronts. It just shows you how hard work and dedication pays off. I witnessed it first hand competing against him for many years at Mother Tersea (which we got the better of them! lol) to Andrew playing on our summer UFT teams he always had a team to come play with while he was back home for the summer. Always a humble guy and very insightful. It really good to read and see people you know doing very well and a positive influence from Scarborough.

    I read the article on Keith Vassell back in December 2016 and was like “someone needs to do an article on Hunter…” and poof! here it is. Great job Wayne!


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